The Best of Two Most-loved Breeds

Pomsky puppies are some of the most heart melting sights a dog lover can look upon – simply because they are so darn adorable! A relatively new breed, Pomskies are a cross between the cute Pomeranian and the magnificent Siberian Husky, giving you the best of two of America’s best-loved breeds. These playful pups are cuddly, intelligent, and loyal, making them the perfect indoor companion.

At Rocky Ridge Pomskies, we have the best-bred Pomsky puppies for sale and for adoption. Our huge open kennel helps make sure they’re healthy, pampered, and ready to receive love from their new family.

Could it be you? Come meet our adorable dogs!

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This beauty is Mom.

You couldn’t ask for a better mom for your Pomsky. Aspen has a loving disposition, and you can see at a glance that she comes from a championship line—gorgeous coloring, perfect proportions, and a dazzling pair of those famous Husky eyes.

This handsome fellow is Dad.

We fell for Rocky the instant we laid eyes on him. He’s everything you’ve ever loved about Pomeranians. He’s cuddly, curious, keenly intelligent, and eager to please, and he lives to give his human companions lots of love.

And adorable kids are coming!

It’s no wonder that Aspen’s and Rocky’s puppies are irresistible. These pomsky puppies combine the best of looks and personality from two of America’s best-loved breeds. There’s a new litter on the way — click here for details about adopting.

Why everyone adores Pomskies

Pomskies bring you the best of the magnificent Siberian Husky and the adorable Pomeranian, two of America’s most-loved breeds. These playful pups are the ideal indoor companion. They’re a perfect blend of temperament, cuddliness, trainability, and abiding loyalty.

  • Seth Family
    As soon as we saw Harley, we fell in love and he became a wonderful needed part in our family. He had a safe journey home and we are so grateful for the letters, tips, and food that you left us. After we read your letter, thats why we realized why Harley loved our dirty brown kitchen towel so much, even out of all the toys we bought him! Hes a beautiful, active, and funny puppy and we thank you so much for all that you have done.
    Seth Family

Happy parents make for well-adjusted pups

Healthy, loving puppies come from healthy, loving homes. Our dogs enjoy life with us at our home in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains just outside Salmon, Idaho. Here, they have a perfect balance of human companionship and room to roam.

We take great care of our dogs. Rocky Ridge Manager Jessie Warren, who has a degree in animal medicine, sees to the dogs’ excellent health and well being. Our kennels are spacious, kept meticulously clean, and climate-controlled for the dogs’ comfort.

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When you adopt a Pomsky from Rocky Ridge, you’re getting a Pomsky from carefully selected parents that have had exquisite care. All of which means that you’re going to receive a beautiful, healthy, well-adjusted puppy.

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