Want to Adopt a Pomsky?

Want to adopt a Pomsky?

Ready to meet man’s cutest best friend? Rocky Ridge Pomskies have the best-bred Pomsky puppies for sale. Our dogs come from a comfortable home at a massive open kennel in the Rocky Mountains, where they roam freely and receive lots of love and care from us. If you believe you’re ready to buy or adopt your very own Pomsky puppy, we’re here to guide you.

All of our puppies from our latest litter have found their forever homes! It isn't too late to reserve a Rocky Ridge Pomsky from our next litter, give us a call!

Steps to adoption

  1. Please use the form on this page to tell us a little about yourself.
  2. Place a $500 deposit to reserve your spot in line. The deposit is refundable until you have picked your puppy.
  3. Shortly after the pups are born, we’ll send you photos of them and the proud parents.
  4. Choose your forever puppy
  5. We’ll keep you informed about your pup’s growth and progress.
  6. When your pup is seven weeks old, they will receive their final shots and we we will request the balance due for your Pomsky. At this point your account will be paid in full.
  7. When puppies are eight weeks old, we send them to their new homes. You are responsible for arranging their travel home and must make sure to communicate those plans with us to avoid any unnecessary dilemmas in them getting home.
  8. We’ll give you a call on the day of arrival to ensure all is well and to answer any questions you may have. Note: Dogs rarely soil their immediate area, but if your puppy just couldn’t hold it, don’t panic. We’ll help you through it.
  9. In the next few weeks, we’ll give you a followup call to ensure all is going well for you and your Pomsky puppy.
  10. We bet you’ll love your Pomsky. But sometimes circumstances change and it becomes necessary to part. If for any reason you can’t keep your Pomsky, we’ll gladly accept him or her back into our home.

I’m interested in adopting an adorable Pomsky pup from Rocky Ridge. Please contact me about upcoming litters.

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Upcoming litters

Nonstop breeding is cruel — so we don’t do it. We love our dogs, so we breed them no more than once each year. It helps keep our females strong, healthy, and happy, which makes for strong, healthy, happy pups. Of course, that means there are only so many Rocky Ridge pups available at any given time. That’s why we urge anyone who wishes to adopt a Pomsky puppy to apply early.