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What should I feed my Pomsky?

We use and recommend Canidae, Victor, or Loyall dog food. Your puppy will arrive with a small supply of one of these foods. Be sure your Pomsky puppy eats only puppy food for the first year. (And no people food!)

How old must my Pomsky be before they are ready to go home?

Your pomsky will be ready to go home at eight weeks.

What about shots and dewormings?

How big will my Pomsky get?

Our Pomskies typically weigh around 20-23 lbs. We have had some grow to be as small as 12 lbs and others as large as 35 lbs. There are a variety of causes that can impact the size of a Pomsky including their diet and lifestyle, the size of their litter, and the size of Pomeranian bred to their Husky mother.

Unfortunately we can not guarantee how big or small your pup will grow to be.

What will my Pomsky look like?

Every pup is unique and different in their own way! Pomskies may be white, grey, tan, black, or a combination. Eye colors may also vary but are typically a range of blues or browns and occasionally multi-colored!

We have had puppies with a variety of colors and markings and we think they are all equally adorable!

We give your Pomsky the first course of shots and dewormings. One month after your Pomsky arrives, you will be responsible for the second course and future shots and dewormings

Will my Pomsky be spayed or neutered?

Eight weeks is too young for spaying or neutering. However, our adoption agreement requires you to spay or neuter your pup as soon as it is old enough. This is important for the integrity of the breed as well as the health and safety of our females.

Can I breed my Pomsky?

PLEASE DO NOT. Since Pomskies have small dog and big dog genes, breeding them can endanger the life of a female. This is why we require adopters to spay or neuter their Pomsky. Moreover, breeding Pomskies with other dogs or with one another will dilute this lovely breed.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What should I expect to spend for my Pomsky?

There is a $500 deposit to reserve your Pomsky puppy. This deposit goes towards the total cost of your puppy. Pricing varies depending on the puppy and litter, but we advise that you expect to spend at least about $5,000. Additionally, we also ask that you make and cover all arrangements in getting your puppy home.

You are welcome to:

  • Pick your puppy up directly from us or discuss options of meeting if you live in a neighboring state and we can save you some time by meeting closer.

  • Meet us at a local airport if you fly in to pick them up yourself.

  • Hire a travel nanny to bring them to you.

Who are my puppies parents?

You’re looking for the best quality in breeding and care in a new purebred puppy, and in the industry, one of the highest classifications here is any puppy with a championship pedigree. This pedigree tells you that the parents have maintained high show standards – both for looks and for important considerations like physical condition and health background. Dogs with a show championship pedigree have achieved a high degree of perfection in various areas.

At Rocky Ridge Pomskies, this championship pedigree is part of our identity. Our mothers, Siberian Huskies, comes from a championship line that is visible the moment you lay eyes on them. We have two striking males, Rocky and Olaf, who are both striking ice white Pomeranians with loving and intelligent demeanors. They lend the cuddles and loving companionship you’d expect from his breed. Together, they produce gorgeous and well-bred pups that will simply melt your heart.

What if for some unforseen reason I have to give up my Rocky Ridge Pomsky?

If you must give up your Pomsky, please return him or her to us here at Rocky Ridge. This is how you can help ensure your Pomsky is rehomed to a perfect family that has been screened! At Rocky Ridge, we strive to ensure that all of our puppies go to amazing forever homes that are Pomsky-ready! Sorry, refunds are not possible.