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The Basics to Know About Pomskies

Siberian Husky momma (Aspen) next to full grown Rocky Ridge Pomsky (Sassy)

Dog breeding is a constantly evolving world, with new hybrid breeds created all the time. Pomsky puppies, a cross between male Pomeranians and female Siberian Huskies, are among the more popular “modern” breed of dog.

What are some of the basic characteristics of this breed, and what do you need to know before owning one? Let’s take a look.

Size and Appearance

Pomeranians are typically a very different size than Huskies, and the Pomsky puppy leans more toward the smaller end. A Pomsky will typically range between 10 and 15 inches, and weigh between 17 and 25 pounds.

Appearance-wise, though, the Pomsky leans more toward its Husky parent. Its coat is soft and silk-like, mixing in white, black and gray colors. The head will slightly resemble a fox, with erect, triangular ears.


Pomskies do shed hair, for about three months two times per year. They naturally have a lot of hair, so don’t worry about the amounts they’re shedding. Regular grooming and brushing will be necessary, though their overall cuteness makes these occasions less of a hassle than you might imagine.

Basic Character Traits

Pomskies are fun, free-spirited dogs that are naturally energetic. They are inquisitive – they’ll get themselves into the occasional spot of trouble, but never out of malice. They’re naturally docile and affectionate, which makes them perfect for families and children. They’re also a breed that’s eager to learn, which makes training and grooming easier than many other breeds. They do require a large amount of attention; these aren’t stay-at-home dogs.

Where possible, try not to leave your Pomsky idle for too long at a time. This will cause them to get a bit too adventurous in some cases. At the same time, be careful how much you pamper them – Pomskies are very proud, and they’ll take too much over-attentiveness straight to their ego and assume it’s the constant expectation. This may cause them to act out when they don’t receive this high level of pampering.


There are a few specific health issues that may be at higher risk for Pomskies. The most common is dental disease, which is very common among many dog types and simple to treat. Overall, Pomskies have a relatively manageable number of common conditions compared to other similar breeds.

Want to learn more, or interested in how to adopt Pomsky puppies? Speak to us at Rocky Ridge Pomskies today.

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