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Why Breeder Over Pet Store is Better

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

If you are looking into pomsky adoption, you’ll have two primary choices: A private breeder or a pet store. At Rocky Ridge Pomskies, we are a private breeder who provides a comfortable, caring, family environment for our pomsky puppies before finding them a loving home.

Why should you favor pomsky breeders over a standard pet store experience for your search? There are a few important reasons.

Know What You are Getting

When you buy from a pet store, you can never be 100 percent sure what you are getting. You don’t know the puppy’s parents, meaning you don’t know all sorts of potentially vital hereditary information about them. You also don’t know where puppies were raised or how they were trained or socialized.

A pomsky breeder, on the other hand, knows all this information and more. We know the lineage down to the last detail, which gives you much more to base your decision on. We also know the puppies themselves, and have gone through the process of socializing them to a human home. We’ve spent hours with each of them, and can give you tons of information about their preferences and tendencies.

Know Where it Comes From

Pet stores are typically not regulated and are not required to work with reputable breeders – much of their supply comes from commercial facilities that mass-produce puppies. Many pet stores simply are not truthful about the true sources of their puppies.

With a breeder, this information is easy to access. You aren’t supporting these dangerous and inhumane puppy mills, and you also get the benefit of more complete information about your animal.

Looking to the Future

With a few minor exceptions, your pet store experience ends when you leave the shop. A breeder, on the other hand, is there with you for life. We take pride in maintaining relationships with our clients long after purchase, helping them with any specific needs that may arise for their puppy. We know what to do when common issues arise, based on our years of experience with these puppies.

For more on why you should favor a private breeder over a pet store, or to find out about pomsky adoption, speak to the caring owners at Rocky Ridge Pomskies today.

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