Why Rocky Ridge

Within the world of dog breeding, nothing is more important than genetics. The lineage of both the mother and father of a given puppy is vital, and can define the stock and characteristics of the puppy.

At Rocky Ridge Pomskies, we believe in the most personalized experience possible here. The Pomsky puppies you’ll find with us are true Pomskies; not second or third generation, with unknown interruptions to the lineage that dilute their pure bred status. You’ll know their precise parenting lineage – because you’ll see the parents, too!

That’s right, our beautiful mother Aspen (A Siberian Husky) and handsome father Rocky (a Pomeranian) live with us, and receive the same kind of care that all their puppies do. These parents have impeccable pedigree, producing ideal, pure breed puppies that are then able to remain in the care of their mother and father until they’re ready for a new home.

That’s not all, either. Around the country and online, true pure breeds like these commonly sell for upwards of $5,000+. Not at Rocky Ridge Pomskies. For custom pricing, give us a call!

To find out more about our breeding process or our next litter of puppies, call us at Rocky Ridge Pomskies today.